Leeds Ashtanga Yoga Study Day – April 2016

What is Mula Bandha? It’s not what you think … it’s what you feel.

Sunday 17th April, 9:30am – 4:00pm

The Yoga Space, Leeds, £40


Join us for a day of practical exploration and inquiry into Bandha, Hatha Yoga’s often talked about but widely misunderstood ‘master key’. We’ll look at some snippets of the oldest texts which refer to Bandha in yoga practice, from Shankara’s ‘Yoga Taravali’ through to Pattabhi Jois’ ‘Yoga Mala’, right through to modern practitioners such as Michael Stone.

We’ll demystify common misconceptions about how Bandha should be applied and you will come away from the workshop with practical experience and insight.

The morning will begin with sitting meditation, before moving into postural practice, paying particular attention to the mid-line of the body.

After a pause and shared light lunch (please bring a light vegetarian lunch), we’ll delve into more sources through guided contemplation, journaling and group work.

The day will finish with reclining pranayama, exploring the spaces inside the pelvis (Mula Bandha) and heart regions (Uddiyana Bandha) which will  leave you feeling connected to a deep inner reservoir of peace.

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