Yoga & Anatomy with Stu Girling – June 3rd-4th

The Yoga Space, Leeds

Saturday 3rd 9:30 – 4pm & Sunday 4th June 9:30 – 4pm

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This weekend will be a fantastic opportunity for Ashtanga practitioners to deepen their understanding of anatomy with the wonderful Stu Girling.
Each day will begin with Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga with Joey Miles from 9:30am – 11:30pm (student must be familiar with this style of practice). After a break for lunch, viagra order Stu will lead an anatomy session between 13:00 – 16:00.
The afternoon anatomy workshops will introduce anatomical concepts in an accessible and fun way and will be practically based. This will allow you to discover those muscles and areas of the body that are restricting you and demonstrate ways that you can work on those areas with more specificity.

The idea is that through greater understanding of how different areas of the body influence the finished postures, students and teachers can learn to release restricted areas, to sequence more efficiently and also reduce the risk of taking stress into vulnerable areas by moving in the right places.

All levels of student will be catered for by providing the information in multiple layers and allowing students to practically explore at their own level.

The focus for the anatomy workshops will be as follows:

Fascia and Biotensegrity: There is a lot of interest in the emerging information about fascia and how it might influence the yoga practice. In this workshop we explore what is meant by fascia, what its purpose is and what use we can make of our growing appreciation of fascia. We also look at a proposed model (biotensegrity) for trying to understand how we might incorporate this knowledge into a more comprehensive explanation of human movement and stability. The practical component of this workshop explores connectivity and integrated bodies.

Hips: Looks at the construction of the hip joint and how individuals may differ, the muscles around the joint and how they will influence movements in certain directions. So many yoga postures involve a certain degree of freedom in the hips and sometimes it can be hard to determine what is stopping us reaching our desired position. Practical exploration of groups of postures under the headings of forward folding, hip rotations and hip ab/adductions will allow students to discover where they need to focus their attention and how to effectively work on increasing the ranges of motion. Postures commonly used for exploration include, Baddha Konasana (Butterfly), Upavishta Konasana (wide legged forward fold), Squatting, Paschimottanasana (seated forward fold), Firelog and Virasana variations (Hero’s pose). We will also consider how many postures may fall unbeknown into the category of forward folding and explain what will be the likely expression of restriction.

Suitability: All students for this workshop must be familiar with the Mysore-style (self-practice) method of Ashtanga Yoga.

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