Online Classes

Ashtanga Primary Series Intensive Online Course

Want to deepen your Ashtanga practice? This intensive online course is intended for students who have been practising Ashtanga for more than a couple of years, with or without a consistent teacher. You should be familiar with the Primary Series and happy to practise in a Mysore-style (not led) class, probably with a frequency expectation of four times a week or more. If you’re practising less than this you may well have difficulty finding the time to carry out the homework and integrate it into your practice.

The full course is only £130. Check out Joey’s introduction to the course below and visit Love Yoga Anatomy for more details.

Online Yoga and Meditation Classes

Want to study yoga with Joey but can’t make it to class as often as you’d like? Why not watch Joey’s many online yoga and meditation classes at EkhartYoga.

EkhartYoga offers high quality online yoga and meditation videos, for practising yoga at home: your place, your time, your way.

Joey has a rare blend of rigour in the tradition and flexibility where it’s useful, and his teaching is so clearly informed by profound commitment to and love of yoga that it is always deeply inspiring. His own physical virtuosity is never an obstacle in communicating and relating to his students, which he does with great kindness. He always brings a beguiling mix of pragmatism, humour and discipline to yoga. I count myself very lucky to have had Joey as friend, guide and teacher these last ten years.
– Lucy May Constantini, Triyoga TT graduate, dancer, Aikido practitioner