Ashtanga Primary Series With Tabla

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Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series With Tabla by Joey Miles

This audio download is the full Ashtanga yoga primary series counted method, with tabla drumming. Joey counts through the complete primary series to the traditional Sanskrit count, including correct breathing, dristi points and asana names, as well as some additional guidance in places. There is tabla accompaniment throughout the track.

The track includes: opening chant, Surya Namaskara A, Surya Namaskara B, standing sequence, seated sequence, finishing sequence from Urdhva Dhanurasana, closing chant.

This audio track is perfect for following as a led class during home practice, and for learning the correct vinyasa count of the Ashtanga primary series as it is taught in Mysore. The tabla adds a percussive element to the counted series.

Listen to a sample of the track using the media player below.

Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes
File size: 96MB
Please note: With slower internet connections this file could take up to an hour to download.