Adjust with Confidence: Half Day

Leeds | February 26, 2023 – February 26, 2023

Price: £40*

Joey Miles adjusting Rachel Miles in Utthitha Hasta Padangusthasana in the Ashtanga Primary Series

Adjust with Confidence

at Yoga Kula Studio, Leeds

The Day

Sunday 1.30 – 5.00pm, (3.5 hours with a break for YK Organic Homemade Chai)

Adjusting yoga poses with skill, precision and wisdom is an art form which takes time to master. Joey Miles has been adjusting students in Mysore style and Led Yoga Classes for over 20 years. Join this session to study with Joey as he shares some of his most skilful adjusts enabling students to work with and access Yoga poses in a new way.

This session is particularly suited for those teaching Yoga and those training to be Yoga Teachers.
This is a unique opportunity to further develop key skills that will enable you to work with Yoga students in an inspiring, skilful and authentic way. Become a confident, hands-on teacher by learning the fundamental principles behind safe and beneficial adjustments. Whilst some students learn well through seeing demonstrations and hearing explanations, other students learn through touch. Touch has a certain direct quality that can by-pass the verbal and rational parts of the brain, thereby making seemingly impossible postures not only possible but accessible.

The half-day masterclass will cover:

• the alignment principles behind safe and effective adjustments
• how to give hands-on adjustments in some key poses
• how to modify certain key poses for common injuries and contra-indications
• how to integrate the practices of pratyahara to quiet the senses during dynamic practice
• how to guide students toward deep stillness, peace and intention

Joey’s intention is to impart skills that will help you to become a better teacher, allowing you to more effectively share the gift of Yoga with others.

Click here to view further information for Joey’s 2 ‘Masterclasses’ in collaboration with Yoga Kula Leeds.


*If you book both Masterclasses with Joey, pay only £90 for both (a saving of £15).

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