Ashtanga & Anatomy with Stu Girling

Leeds | June 13, 2020 – June 14, 2020

Price: £60 - £100

Stu Girling holding a model skeleton


We once again have the pleasure of welcoming Stu Girling to Leeds to share his practical, down-to-earth presentation of anatomy, tailored towards Ashtanga practitioners and teachers. A chance to deepen your understanding of anatomy.

The afternoon anatomy workshops will introduce anatomical concepts in an accessible and fun way and will be practically based. This will allow you to discover those muscles and areas of the body that are restricting you and demonstrate ways that you can work on those areas with more specificity. The idea is that through greater understanding of how different areas of the body influence the finished postures, students and teachers can learn to release restricted areas, to sequence more efficiently and also reduce the risk of taking stress into vulnerable areas by moving in the right places. All levels of student will be catered for by providing the information in multiple layers and allowing students to practically explore at their own level.



Each day will begin with Mysore-style Ashtanga self-practice with Joey Miles.  All students MUST be confident practicing the Ashtanga primary series independently (at least up to marichyasana A).



Mysore-style with Joey Miles – 9-11am

Afternoon workshop with Stu – 1-4pm


Mysore-style with Joey Miles – 9:30-11:30am

Afternoon workshop with Stu – 12:30-3:30pm


Lunch arrangements


The lunch break on Saturday is 2 hours and there will be a lunchtime class on in the studio until 12:30, so we will need to vacate the studio. There are various cafes within 5-15 minutes walking distance, a Waitrose about 5 minutes drive away and the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm a few minutes walk away, where you can bring packed lunch and eat outside in the sunshine (hopefully sunny in June!) or get nice food and drinks at their cafe.



As the lunch break on Sunday is relatively short (1 hour), we recommend you bring lunch with you to stay in and eat at the centre or somewhere nearby.


Workshop Content

The focus for the anatomy workshops will be as follows:

Saturday –Unravelling the ‘Gatekeepers’

In Ashtanga Yoga there are particular postures that are often referred to as ‘gatekeepers’ because they frequently halt the progression through the series of even the most enthusiastic and determined student. In other styles as well there would be postures in any given sequence that might be considered peak postures, providing extra challenges for the student. Presupposing that the student has the technical knowledge to perform the particular posture, sometimes the difficulty is a strength thing, sometimes a missing range of motion (ROM) or easily a combination of both, maybe balance or even fear enter into the equation.

In this workshop we single out some of the more tricky postures such as Bhujapidasana, Marichyasana B & D, Supta Kurmasana and Pashasana as vehicles for understanding how to deconstruct difficult postures into understandable elements that can then be worked on individually or used as the basis for sensible lead in sequencing. If time allows we will also open up the discussion to include postures being worked on by individuals at the workshop. Of course what will be a peak posture for one person might not present much challenge at all for another depending on their individual make up. Exploration of these more difficult postures allows you to better understand where your restrictions and weakness might be as they are less easily accommodated or avoided in these situations.


Sunday – Breath Workshop

I don’t think that anyone would argue that the breath is not a central theme in Yoga and that it may influence us profoundly on many different levels both on the mat and in everyday life. In this workshop we will start by exploring the mechanics of breathing, looking at both the internal workings and the visible external shape changes to the ribcage and belly. From there we can easily then apply those concepts to asana. We will also consider how breath influences the nervous and circulatory systems, the effects of manipulating the breath when doing various pranayama practices and play with the various options when linking movement and breath.



All students for this workshop must be familiar with the Mysore-style (self-practice) method of Ashtanga Yoga and confident practicing independently up to Marichyasana A.



The Yoga Space, 378 Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2JF


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