Ashtanga Weekend in Bristol

Bristol | August 3, 2019 – August 4, 2019

Price: £100

A weekend workshop with Joey in Bristol. Mysore-style in the mornings plus, technique workshop and restorative in the afternoon. Contact Christine for bookings and enquiries.

Workshop 1 – Standing Laterals
In the first afternoon workshop the emphasis is on actions, movements and doing. The body is divided into parts and concentration is fragmentary moving from place to place. The process challenges inertia and contraction, it reveals tension and where we are holding on.

Workshop 2 – The Tranquility Sequence
The Restorative Workshop shifts pace and uses support to allow awareness to spread spontaneously and become non-localized, one becomes aware of, and rests within the feeling of wholeness and completeness. Doer-ship and techniques are abandoned leaving one to rest in stillness and peace.


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Please visit Yoga on the Square, Bristol to make your booking.
For any enquiries regarding booking for this event, please contact