Ashtanga Workshop: Rhythm and Flow

Leeds | April 13, 2024 – April 13, 2024

Price: £30

Joey Miles adjusting Rachel Miles in Utthitha Hasta Padangusthasana in the Ashtanga Primary Series

Yoga Kula Victoria Quarter

3-6pm | small group workshop – max. 10 students

In this workshop Joey will teach the movement and choreography that creates the structure of the primary series. Rather than exploring each pose in detail, this workshop explores the flowing movement that carries us from one pose to the next. This leads naturally to an exploration of rhythm and timing, obvious though it sounds on paper, some movements are slow and others much quicker. This workshop will clarify where its most appropriate to speed up or slow down.
As a teaching tool Joey will use a metronome, this will highlight where the breathing rhythm is completely even and where it is not! The metronome is a helpful device, as it supports mental concentration that leads toward the psychological state of flow.
Finally, we will look at the difference between moving in flow and staccato, the ashtanga method uses both deliberately but they create different effects in the body mind; so it can be helpful for students to gain insight into which movement rhythm will support stability and ease.

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