Ashtanga Yoga & Active Hope Workshop

Hebden Bridge | March 26, 2023 – March 26, 2023

Price: £40-£60

work that reconnects spiral - active hope

Join Joey, Tom and Frances for a day which brings together Active Hope (also known as The Work That Reconnects) and Ashtanga Yoga.

Morning Session – 9 – 12

The morning will comprise of a 25-minute meditation, mostly guided, followed by Mysore-style Ashtanga, suitable for Ashtanga practitioners who are confident to be able to practice relatively independently (have a good grasp of the order of poses and transitions between poses, at least up to Marichyasana A). Mysore-style allows the teacher to give individual help to each student, whilst they practice up to the point in the sequence they have so far been taught.

There will be a lunch break from 12 – 1pm. Bring along vegetarian or vegan food to share.

Afternoon Session – 1 – 5pm

Active Hope?

Facing the mess we’re in without going crazy is not an easy thing in times where the unraveling of social and physical systems is so apparent. To face this mess with unexpected resilience and creative power is exactly what Active Hope (a process underpinned by The Work that Reconnects) has been developed and evolved for over four decades to support us to do.

What will it involve?

The afternoon will move through a series of exercises designed to build trust, courage and resolve for positive action in these turbulent times. These exercises move through a spiral, starting with appreciation, moving through the challenges we face, into exploring perspectives on our part to play, and from there stepping toward intention and action. This ‘spiral’ is described in more depth here.

Expect enlivened sharing and open listening, nourishing guided mindful exercises, wellbeing focused bodywork practices, time to slow and enjoy being in nature (weather being kind), and resourcing time with other brilliant folk taking action for positive change.

Previous participants of Active Hope workshops with Tom and Frances said:

“The best workshop I’ve ever been to. Affirming and helpful, nurturing and stretching my imagination.”

“I was stuck – mired in frustration & cynicism and really needed to benefit from the spiraling into my core & the flight it released of hope & compassion for my fellow Earthlings! Inspiring, heart opening and full of love. Thank you.”

“Thank you! A valuable opportunity to connect deeply with others and discuss the messed up world we live in & the kindest, wisest actions & reactions to it.”


This part of the day will be held by two local facilitators. Frances Stoakley brings her experience of weaving Active Hope with body-centred practices from Grassroots Shiatsu and QiGong. Tom Deacon offers his skills as an experienced facilitator of the Work that Reconnects and leader of transformative journeys in the outdoors.


The day is offered on a sliding scale from £40-£60.

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