Ashtanga Yoga Holiday in Goa

Goa, India | October 28, 2018 – November 23, 2018

Price: £550 - £2600

Join Joey for between one and four inspirational weeks of intensive Ashtanga Yoga practice in the beautiful surroundings of Purple Valley. During the retreat you will get a chance to delve into a variety of techniques designed to bring you into contact with the deeper aspects of your practice – expanding yoga from the confines of the mat into your daily life.

Relish the wholesome authentic Indian food at Purple Valley, the bustling market and fabulous local restaurants. In your spare time you can soak up the sun and relax by the pool. Enjoy a transformational week, meeting like-minded people, stretching your body and mind.


You will get a chance to explore:

  • Daily Mysore-style Ashtanga practice
  • Technique classes with an alignment focus
  • Restorative yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Contemplation

You will gain greater clarity about the Ashtanga sequence, increased understanding of how to apply sound alignment in poses and how to use breath to aid concentration, release areas of tightness and induce deep relaxation.

Whether you are new to the practice, an experienced student or a yoga teacher this holiday will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to practice. Beginners are welcome but those with a regular Ashtanga practice will particularly benefit.

Daily Schedule


Every morning will begin with sitting meditation and setting an intention before the Mysore-style class begins at 6:30am.

For the first three mornings (Sun, Mon, Tues), there will be a separate class for beginners, which will introduce the basic principles of practice. (This class will follow on after the Mysore practice. Approximate start time 9am).

By mid-week any beginners will be well equipped to join in with the Mysore-style class.

On Friday mornings there will be a counted primary series class.


There will be four afternoon workshops per week. These will include technique classes with an alignment focus, where we will break down poses and the different actions they involve, making them more accessible and allowing you to gain confidence practicing the various categories of poses and transitions between them.

The afternoon classes will also provide ample opportunity to practice restorative sequences and pranayama, encouraging the body to release deeply held tensions and shifting you towards a more introspective state.


“After a week [on retreat] with Joey Miles, I feel that I have experienced ‘real’ yoga consistently for the first time. I’ve done yoga regularly for ages but have only had a daily practice for a year. I knew that something wasn’t firing properly for me. The daily Mysore classes with Joey gave me an invaluable insight into what I have been seeking.

As well as his superb and intuitive adjustments and his excellent, anatomically sound teaching, Joey gave me access to something of the serene spirit of yoga. Though the practice is strong, inside I have never felt so calm, centred or ‘in the moment’.

I know that I have developed in terms of many asanas, through his precise technical assistance, but that is just part of what I gained. There’s a long journey ahead, of course, but I feel I’ve been given the best possible help and guidance over the last week. Thank you so much, Joey!”

– Issy Clark, Journalist and Broadcaster

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