Introduction to Mysore-style Ashtanga

Leeds, UK | January 31, 2020 – January 31, 2020

Price: £22*

3 people doing yoga

6:30 – 8:30pm

*Workshop price includes unlimited Mysore classes in the week following the workshop plus an A3 Primary Series Poster.


Join Rachel for an ‘Introduction to Mysore-style Ashtanga’ session which will give you the confidence to attend Mysore-style classes and give you an idea of how it feels to practice Mysore-style. The session will begin with an opportunity to ask questions about how Mysore classes work, followed by simple breathing techniques to prepare you for linking breath with movement.

Rachel will guide less experienced/inexperienced students through the sun salutations and the first six standing poses of the Ashtanga sequence, providing appropriate variations where needed, to make the poses accessible to you. Time will be given in between learning poses for you to practice the poses in time with your own breath, as it would be practiced in a Mysore-style class. This will also help you begin to remember the sequence.


During the session we will:

  • Look at the background and context of the Ashtanga practice
  • Set a personal intention for practice
Explore the use of breath and flow during practice
  • Learn how to seal the practice with stillness and deep relaxation
  • Address any questions you have about Mysore-style practice



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