Leamington Spa Ashtanga Workshop

Leamington Spa, UK | March 29, 2020 – March 29, 2020

Price: £60

Joey Miles in Pashasana

Full day retreat in Leamington Spa


10-12pm – Mysore-style Ashtanga class

1-3pm – Afternoon class

The afternoon class will be a restorative session. Leaning towards a mood of ease. All physical effort is relinquished, the body is encouraged to rest and passively release tension in a series of supported poses. Subtlety of awareness is possible when we leave aside intense sensations. The mood of the class is introspective and although many of the poses are deceptively gentle, they have the potential to create a profound shift in your inner state.


This workshop is suitable for those who have been practising Ashtanga yoga regularly, are confident practicing independently in a mysore class and have memorised the primary series up to Marichiasana A. If you are unsure of whether this workshop is suitable for you, please contact Rachel + Joey:


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