Leeds Spring Ashtanga Workshop

Leeds, UK | March 3, 2019 – March 3, 2019

Price: £50/£35

Sunday 3rd March | 9 – 4pm | £50 (NUS £35)


Join Joey and Rachel for an all-day Ashtanga workshop inspired by the introspective Mahashivaratri festival. Mahashivaratri (“the Great Night of Shiva”), celebrated in late winter, is considered to be the day when Shiva, the ‘adiguru’ or first guru, awakened to the true nature of reality, transcending the experience of duality between perceiver and perceived to experience the interconnection of all things, beginning the tradition of yoga. The festival is a celebration of the overcoming of darkness and ignorance (ignorance of one’s true nature and the darkness caused by this ignorance). The day is typically celebrated by fasting, staying up through the night (which we won’t be doing), practising yoga, meditation, self-study, chanting and reflecting on ethics and virtues (which we will be doing)..


We’ll begin the morning with a short period of guided meditation and chanting to help us centre our awareness and bring our attention to the present moment. This will be followed by a period of led Ashtanga technique practice. We’ll take time to understand the dynamics of key standing poses, how these link together and how these teach us to work effectively in more challenging poses. Our aim is to convey clarity of actions and directions, to enliven the poses and in so doing gain a subtler level of awareness. The morning session will be wrapped up gently, allowing time for you settle and relax before we pause for lunch.

After lunch, we’ll start with meditation followed by a period of contemplation and journalling.  We’ll then explore some of the Ashtanga seated forward bends as restorative poses, learning simple alignment points in the poses but taking our time, supporting the body to encourage an inward-turning of the attention, a softening into stillness. We’ll finish with meditation and chanting to leave us feeling calm and uplifted.


Suitable for anyone who has been practising Ashtanga regularly for 1 year or more. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to drop us a line: info@ashtangayogaleeds.com .

What to Bring

Please bring a journal and a pen as we’ll do some contemplation exercises as well as a light vegetarian lunch.


Deposit of £15 via The Yoga Space website will secure your place, the remaining £35 (or £20 for students) can be paid in cash on the day or by bank transfer to: Mr M J Miles, sort code: 60 – 16 – 16, account: 9517 0790  – please drop us an email to let us know if you’ve transferred so we can keep tabs (joey@ashtangayogaleeds.com).

Make a booking

Please visit The Yoga Space to make your booking.
For any enquiries regarding booking for this event, please contact info@ashtangayogaleeds.com.