Sheffield Yoga Workshop

Sheffield, UK | November 21, 2020 – November 22, 2020

Price: £120

Joey Miles in Pashasana

Morning Mysore-style classes, Technique Workshop (Day 1) and Afternoon Recuperative Sequence (Day 2.)

Joey will teach mysore-style Ashtanga classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We ask that students have a pretty confident grasp of the first half of the Ashtanga Primary series, in order to be able to practice independently. This is to enable Joey to try and give an equal level of time and input to each student.


Saturday afternoon will be a dynamic alignment-based workshop. The focus will be learning and refining key actions in standing poses. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of individual poses and of categories of poses, allowing you to apply these guidelines in a much wider variety of poses than those you practice within this class. As you progress to more challenging poses, this learning will empower you to work more intelligently and effectively.


Sunday afternoon will be a restorative session. Leaning towards a mood of ease. All physical effort is relinquished, the body is encouraged to rest and passively release tension in a series of supported poses. Subtlety of awareness is possible when we leave aside intense sensations. The mood of the class is introspective and although many of the poses are deceptively gentle, they have the potential to create a profound shift in your inner state.



9:30am – 4pm

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