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Stu Girling interviews Joey Miles

Stu Girling conducts an interesting and informative interview with authorised level 2 Ashtanga teacher Joey Miles for Purple Valley Goa.

Ashtanga Yoga Opening Mantra

Reciting this mantra reminds us of the deeper purpose for practice and connects us to a feeling of gratitude to those who have passed the practice down over generations.

Ashtanga Yoga Closing Mantra

The closing prayer brings the practice to a peaceful end; sealing in the work done and offering the efforts of our practice to improve the state of the world.

How Yoga Asanas Change Daily Life

As part of the “Dialogues with Joey Miles” series for Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga, Joey talks about how our yoga asana practice can change our day to day living.

Navasana (Boat Pose) with Joey Miles

In this yoga tutorial video for Ekhart Yoga, Joey plays around with Navasana (boat pose) and demonstrates the lift into handstand.

Intro to Ashtanga Primary Course

Joey introduces the Primary Series Intensive Online Course, letting you know what you can expect from this video-based course to help you deepen your practice. Buy the course.

Intro to Ashtanga Intermediate Course

Joey introduces the Intermediate Series Intensive Online Course, which is ideal for any practitioner with a good solid primary series practice or an existing intermediate series practitioner. Buy the course.

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Rachel’s workshop was the perfect introduction to Mysore-style for a worrier like me and now I am hooked! Since becoming pregnant, I also love how the practice becomes completely individual to you. It is one of the few spaces where I feel totally safe to continue practising yoga that is right for me and my growing belly. Leeds is lucky to have such great teachers in Rachel and Joey.
– Laura Bromley